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* Anonymous - your identity is never revealed.

* Fun - hit new levels by accomplishing tasks.

* Improve your pronunciation by listening and speaking to the app.

* Practice new words and sentences.

* Carry with you wherever you go.

Learn a Language

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Ever wondered how natives learn a language. Well, just by speaking it under guidance. SpeakTribe provides you that opportunity to practice speaking your new language anonymously. It also gives you tips and suggestion to help improve on your language skills. What's more, it is fun seeing yourself converse and score points. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try now!

 Our new Spanish app starts from basics and within 5 days you will find yourself getting comfortable with Spanish!


We make language learning fun


Why learn a foreign language

  • it expands your career horizon
  • introduces you to new concepts, which help you think better
  • research suggests it improves your memory, decision-making and verbal-skills
  • makes your travel abroad, watching foreign films, art and literature more fulfilling
  • improves your understanding of other cultures

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